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Our goal is to help our clients successfully develop solar projects and our suite of consulting services can take your PV project from inception to completion.



Feasibility Study

Ross Solar Energy realizes the first step in implementing a successful solar energy project is conducting a feasibility study. It is one of the most important steps as it affects the rest of the project, as it assesses the potential energy available, risks, costs, and size of equipment. Our professional Feasibility Study Team uses the latest feasibility tools and GPS to study the locations being looked at and create a comprehensive document.


Notice to Proceed

Once the “Off Grid” or “On Grid” project is deemed Feasible, Ross Solar Energy will immediately engage the local utility to begin the interconnection request process. Ross Solar Energy will coordinate a site visit with the utility representatives and final interconnection costs will be negotiated/determined. Once agreed to by all parties, Ross Solar Energy will execute a Contract with the client and begin implementation of the project.


Project Implementation

Ross Solar Energy’s experienced team of engineering, electrical, and contracting professionals works with the utility, onsite client representatives, and local skilled labor pools to plan, develop and implement low-cost, high-quality solar arrays. Our vast network of vendor relationships allows us to leverage extensive purchasing power and pass associated savings through to the end user.

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